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Geeky Stick Boy
Letters from Real Live Fans
FROM THE EDITOR: On behalf of the Man, I want to thank all you for your notes to Geeky Stick Boy. I can assure you he appreciates your thoughts and praise, and will continue to do everything he can to live up to your expectations as America's New Role Model.

The Creator,
GSB is my hero. I shall now pattern my life after his, and all thanks to your website.
The Follower (Canton, OH)

Dear Geeky Stick Boy,
You are really something! I hope I can grow up to be geeky and sticky like you.
Your #1 Fan,
-Mark (Fairfield, OH)
PS - Where can I get fan club information?

Geeky Stick boy -- he's great! I hope to see more of him in future sitings!
Dotti (Oxford, OH)

Reviews from the Unknown Critic
Sun, 21 Mar 1999
On my way to the Academy Awards show, I received a tip on the next great trilogy. Star Wars, The God Father, do not have a leg to stand on next to this brilliant piece of work. You are a genius. Rob Reiner, Francis Ford Coppola and Wes Craven are trembling with fear this very moment. As for geeky stick boy, Al Pacino is pissing in his pants at the thought of this. I know of a very very sweet couple who have now watched this brilliance 7006 times. They can't stop watching or talking about it. 7006 times, Star Wars cant claim that. GSB is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I will be waiting for the next feature. Watch the awards tonite. geeky stick boy will be a write in for sure.
Sincerely, U.C. (Somewhere in the continental U.S)

GSB Returns!
Dear Your Geekyness:
I thought you were dead. After all these years I'm so excited to find you alive and well. Is this just another old rock band getting back together to cash in on past fame and glory? Will you disappear once again and leave your millions of fans wondering what happened? For all of us I pray that won't happen again.
Your original fan club president (unknown)

Well. Let's just say I'm impressed. 827lbs is no small potatoes.
Jenn (Clearwater, FL)

You Goooo Booooy!!!!!! Bea and I laughed and laughed. By part three you got quite advanced. YES I'VE BEEN FOREVER CHANGED. Bea wants to see GSB outswim a shark.
Kelly & Bea (Seattle, WA)

I'm in Love
What a brave handsome man with the strength of a thousand men. His physique really turns me on. Those eyes that bod and that "hair"(I think) is too much for any woman to handle...
PS: I have only one question just what part about him is geeky and sticky? hmmmm.
Your fan, Andee (Dunedin, FL)

3 More GSB Fans
Dear Geeky Stick Boy,
Who needs T.V. when they have the internet and Geeky Stick Boy! The kids and I have found a true hero to look up to. We look forward to your next adventure with great anticipation!!!
Shelly, Trevor, and Kelsey (Lomita, CA)

I Love Geeky Stick Boy...
I love geeky stick boy and so does my 3 year old nephew Jesse. Keep up the good work.
Darin Rader (Camden Ohio)

Jesse - Thank you - especially - for following the adventures of GSB! Keep reading, and I hope you continue to enjoy my adventures!

GSB, You Are Cool!
You should play for the Cubs, seeing that Fred McGriff is corrupted and wont play for the "Loveable Losers." Hey Hey!!!! That sounds pretty cool to me, i wish i could be just like you, except for the part about Dr. Baumgartner as your agent, but I guess we all have to sacrifice some things to get other things!!!! No really, Baumgartner is a good agent, and I want to see you beat the living tar out of Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, and George Steinbrenner all at once!!!!!
Your #2 fan (seeing that there is a #1 fan already)
Anthony Delebreau

Geeky Stick Boy, You Rock!
Dear Geeky Stick Boy,
While you're feats of lifting 800+ lbs., jumping over a truck, defeating hulk hogan and stopping two bad guys and a train is so impressive, I feel that you are capable of so much more. So in case you feel that you have gotten as far as you can with Dr. Baumgartner as your agent then I would be more than happy to act as your agent. I know that we would make a great team.
Consider my proposal, won't you, Geeky Stick Boy?
Your humble servant,
Stormie L. Foust

Stormie - thanks for the kind words, but Baumgartner and I go a LONG way back... Sorry. Hope you keep following though!

I love you Geeky Stick Boy!!!!!!!
You are the king of geeks and an insperation to us all..... one question, where are the black rimed glasses?

Ashley - the what?


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