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Geeky Stick Boy
Geeky Stick Boy Frequently Asked Questions
Who is this phenom?
  • An average guy, just like you or me, who happened to stumble into a very lucrative career as a professional athelete

    Where can I see more of him?

  • This web site, and this web site alone, is your source for future GSB entertainment, official products, and so on. Accept no substitutes!

    Where can fans write?

  • Again, to this web site. Email me (below) with suggestions for future episodes, comments, accolades, and so on. I have permission from the Man Himself to post his fan letters here on this site!

    Why are the pix only black and white?

  • Well first, this is actual newsreel footage of his Geekiness. Second, GSB was in the heyday of his wrestling career in the 1950s, when, as we all know, the entire world was black and white

    A Mr. Richard Fader from New Jersey writes, "Does Geeky Stick Boy still wrastle?"

  • Not professionally. Although he remains in top physical condition, at a certain point it became apparent that he should move aside in order to let some of the younger talent have their day in the spotlight. He does wrastle for charity events and an occassional wedding or bar mitzvah

    Again, from Mr. Fader, who asks, "Why doesn't he have a cheesy costume like most of the wrastlers today?"

  • Think about it Richard -- with a physique like that, who needs a costume?

    Another fan writes, "I heard a rumor that he is undefeated. Is this true?"

  • Over a remarkable 18 year career, GSB was 417-0-1 (the tie match is quite the story, and will be the subject of an upcoming episode)

    What about revealing his true identity?

  • Sorry, but no. It is important he remains anonymous because if his identity were known, he could not well carry out his occupation in the face of the overwhelming number of personal appeals which would result from the divulgence of his identity

    Most important, when do we see more?

  • Ah... soon. Because this site is devoted to portraying GSB and his life, we want to make sure the details are correct. And, an illustrative figure like GSB deserves nothing but the finest in motion picture production. So each episode will take a little time, but be patient: There IS more to come!


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